Trying to kidnap the child just in front of his responsible dad.


Parents who love their kids take them to the park   and make them enjoy their selves actively playing. But now adays it has been a common scenery, that the parents set their children free to do whatever they want and the parents sit back, poke their heads into their phones and engages in their own world of chatting and browsing social media instead of having an eye on their kids.      


In an experiment, this guy tries to kidnap the child who is playing in the park where his father is just a few feats away from the kid. The child goes off with the stronger who just hands him some candles. The father won’t notice. After sometimes feeling satisfied. Heating the bench chatting he gets up to go and notice the child is missing and search for his kid. He shouts out calling his kid but no response. He moves around the park impatiently looking for the child and shouting out to a lady who comes and inquires about the child and blames for his responsibility. Later the guy brings the child back to his father and advices him to take care of his child.            


It is true that kids can be easily fooled. Therefore parents have to keep a very good and sharp eye on their children. This would be a good example as well as a warning to awaken the parents attention towards their children.


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