30 Stunning Nature Photographs That Won The World Nature Photography Awards In 2021

The winners of the annual World Nature Photography Awards (WNPA) for 2021 have been revealed, and the images are breathtaking. Amos Nachoum of the United States won the top place and a $1,000 cash prize for his photograph of a leopard seal preparing to catch a helpless Gentoo penguin.

Nachoum waited for hours on the lonely island of Plano, off the coast of Antarctica, for the right moment at low tide when the seals would enter a lagoon and look for their meal.

The event organizers feel that photography can highlight the magnificence and awe of the natural environment, encouraging us to take action now to ensure a brighter tomorrow for everyone, as humanity’s relationship with Earth gradually turns to one of protection rather than take. It’s difficult to disagree while scrolling through the judges’ picks.

More info: worldnaturephotographyawards.com, (h/t)

#1 The Environments And Landscapes Of Planet Earth, Bronze: Rie Asada, Japan

#2 Urban Wildlife, Bronze: Alex Pansier, Netherlands

#3 People And Nature, Silver: Mike Eyett, Switzerland

#4 Nature Art, Gold: Federico Testi, Italy

#5 Behaviour Birds, Gold: Ashok Behera, India

#6 Nature Art, Silver: Monika Schneider, Germany

#7 Animals In Their Habitat, Silver: Celia Kujala, USA

#8 Urban Wildlife, Gold: Matthijs Noome, USA

#9 Nature Photojournalism, Gold: Alain Schroeder, Belgium

#10 Animals in their Natural Environment, Bronze: Christian Tuckwell Smith, UK

#11 Fungi And Plants, Bronze: Jan Czeczotka, Germany

#12 People and the Environment, Gold: Sabrina Inderbitzi, Switzerland

#13 Nature Art, Bronze: Gabriel Barathieu, Mayotte

#14 Environments And Landscapes On Planet Earth, Gold: Sam Wilson, Australia

#15 Black And White, Bronze: Michael Stavrakakis, Australia

#16 Birds’ Behaviour, Bronze: Robert Maynard, UK

#17 Black And White, Silver: Avanka Fernando, Sri Lanka

#18 Behaviour Mammals, Silver: William Fortescue, UK

#19 Animal Portraits, Gold: Tom Vierus, Fiji

#20 Behaviour Amphibians And Reptiles, Gold: Shayne Kaye, Canada

#21 Behaviour Birds, Silver: Robert J. Ross, USA

#22 Behaviour Invertebrates, Gold: Chin Leong Teo, Singapore

#23 Behaviour Mammals, Bronze: Buddhilini De Soyza, Australia

#24 Animal Portraits, Silver: Neelutpaul Barua, India

#25 Animals In Their Habitat, Gold: Thomas Vijayan, Canada

#26 Behaviour Mammals, Gold Winner And Grand Prize: Amos Nachoum, USA

#27 Urban Wildlife, Silver: Mohammad Murad, Kuwait

#28 Behaviour Amphibians And Reptiles, Silver: Massimo Giorgetta, Italy

#29 Black And White, Gold: Vince Burton, UK

#30 Animal Portraits, Bronze: Amit Eshel, Israel

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