The soldier husband joins wife’s Maternity shoot from war. The moments are emotional.


Veronica’s husband brandan Philips who is a member of U.S. Air force almost missed. Her days of pregnancy. He could not stay with a looking at her growing belly and the behaviour of his baby.                  


Though they were miles away from each other Veronica did not want her husband to miss all east her last maternity photos.                                                        

Jennifer Memohan, the photographer of Jennifer Arielphotography, told that she had seen many photos being photoshopped after conducting a photo shoot last month. Trying out serval edits for a few days. many hours he pasted one that she thought it would be the best stay and would arouse the emotions in all who see it.         

It was Brandon in one photo who has kneeling in a deserted background dressed in his military suit and his hands reaching out and seemingly touches the belly of Veronica who was in the other photo. Veronica, who was on the other side keeps her hands just above his and looks at him with a light smile, her light pink gown trailing against a grassy forest background.         

29 year old social worker Veronica, stated that she wanted to honour her husband even though they are for away from each other they are close to each other in the picture. Moreover she says the picture symbolizes their love and commitment from afar.           

Brandon left for his join soon after baby’s sex was revealed, and he has not fixed date to return. He won’t be able to see his baby coming to his new world, he won’t be able to cut the cord and he won’t be able to hear his baby’s first cry. But he is still with London and Veronica by heart which is something that the picture reveals.                                                                                 

The plan of the couple is to join through skype when Veronica is in labour , where Brandon can be a part of it. And may be Jennifer could start her job of capturing and editing as if Brandon is with Veronica in the delivery room during her labour. 

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