From memory, a 15-year-old artist creates incredible animal drawings.


While some artists are taught their trades, others appear to be born with a natural aptitude and desire to create. Duan Krtolica, a Serbian child prodigy, began sketching as soon as he was old enough to grasp a pencil at the age of two. Krtolica's art was already displaying tremendous promise when we first found it four years ago, when he was 11 years old. His artistic abilities have clearly improved as he has grown older, but his favorite subject remains the animal kingdom.

Krtolica creates anatomically perfect creatures, flora, and wildlife entirely from memory, using pencils or black pens. His parents purchased him a complete encyclopedia of animals, which piqued his interest in the natural world as a kid artist. Krtolica declared, "I'm going to sketch them all," after absorbing the photos and quantity of information. Krtolica's intricate animal paintings include everything from elephants to antelopes, down to the last hair, tusk, and hoof.

However, Krtolica isn't just interested in living things; like many children, he's also fascinated with dinosaurs and other early animals. He just got the opportunity to create and draw his own prehistoricanimal-filled encyclopedia, which was published. “Our world is four and a half billion years old,” Krtolica says on Facebook. The whole human existence would fit into the final few minutes if the history of the Earth were condensed into one year. But what sort of species would we be if we didn't want to learn about what happened millions of years before we were born?”

Krtolica's Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Animals is available on Amazon, and his website features more of his artwork.

Duan Krtolica, a Serbian child prodigy, makes incredibly realistic animal drawings at the age of 15, demonstrating a level of talent well above his years.

His anatomically accurate drawings are entirely based on recollection.

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