Meet the ‘Cradle of Venus’ Orchid, One of the Most Beautiful Flowers in the World


The Venus orchid (Swaddled Babies) is one of the most beautiful flowers that exist, the ‘babies’ that can be observed inside it show us the great beauty of nature. Generally, when they talk about orchids we immediately think of the beautiful flowers with incredible colors and shapes, they are also recognized for their great ornamental value, some are globally known for being unique in the world.

© P. Bertaux

The Anguola variety belongs to a very particular genus that can be found in much of the mountains of South America, between Colombia and Peru.

#2© instagram/theblossomwarrior

Within this genus is the Anguloa uniflora, a very rare orchid that can grow to about 20 cm in length and even larger.

These plants have the incredible magic of letting us see certain shapes and similarities with human appearances, in this case that of a small baby in what looks like a crib, this makes it a wonderful and unique species. Some researchers find this plant as a manifestation of the ‘divinity’ of mother earth, which never ceases to amaze us with its beauty.





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