The Orphan Chimp That Begged for Someone to Save Her


The chimp, now named Mado, was found dehydrated, malnourished and close to death walking through the streets of an African village


The small chimp also had a chain around her neck when she was found. After mado's mother was killed by poachers, she struggled to find food and water and was taken in by a villager, who kept her living in poor conditions.


Rescuers rushed in to save the chimp and airlifted her to a nearby rehabilitation center

Before being rescued Mado was held in a remote village north of the Democratic Republic of Congo, near Garamba National Park


Mado is still malnourished and has intestinal parasites, but she is settling in to the rehabilitation center nicely


Prior to being Rescued the chimp was staying in a remote village in terrible conditions


A rescuer said that Mado is a 'vivacious girl, with a lot of desire to live'. Chimpanzees can recover quickly, the rescuer added..

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