Nobel Prize Winning Pharmacist: ‘The World Needs To Know, That Alkaline Water Kills Cancer’ … Here Is How To Prepare It!


Alkaline water KILLS cancer, here’s how to make it.

It is becoming more and more apparent that diet and lifestyle are major factors in the development of cancer.

A diet high in processed and ‘junk’ food often correlates to a person having more of a chance of developing not only certain cancers but a whole range of diseases.

Likewise, altering your diet to include more cancer-fighting and healthy foods can greatly reduce your risk of developing certain cancers.

Research suggests that cancer thrives in the body in a high acidic environment. Cancer cells are actively encouraged by a high acid (low pH) diet, and similarly, they are discouraged by an alkaline (high pH) environment.

To get the right ratio of low-high pH foods is pretty simple, fruits and vegetables all have really low acidity levels, which creates an environment in the body in which cancer cells find it difficult to grow.

Eating right and being ‘healthy’ these days often focuses so much on weight loss and getting the right amount of calories, but what people often forget is that the calories should come from wholesome, nourishing foods.

This way you keep your whole body healthy and happy, not just your waistline.

The benefits of alkaline foods against cancer was first proposed by Dr. OttoWarburg, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine all the way back in 1931 for his discovery

Sadly, the world did not sit up and listen. The junk food industry only continued to soar, as profits seemed to be more important than the nations’ health – you can’t make much money marketing fruit and veg.

So Dr. Warburg’s secret has been left in relative secrecy as cancer rates have continued to soar.

Keepingthe body in an alkaline state is one of the best ways you can stop cancer from developing in the body, and there is more than just one way to do this.

Yes, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is important, but you can also give the body a boost with purpose-made alkaline water.

Alkaline water is a refreshing drink made from ingredients high in alkaline, and adding it to your diet is a great defense against chronic illnesses.

Alkaline Water recipe


-A pitcher of distilled or filtered water

-A lemon

-Half medium cucumber

-A quarter of whole ginger root

-Half a cup of fresh mint leaves

-1tbsp pink Himalayan salt


Wash and chop all of the ingredients, and peel the ginger.

Add it to a small jug of water and let it sit overnight.

In the morning, strain and drink one glass of the mixture on an empty stomach, and finish the rest throughout the day.

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