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We challenge you to start this workout everyday for 4 minutes in the period of 28 days! It has already been accepted by a lot of people, and all of them are satisfied by the results!

So, for the middle part of your body it is best to do to planks! Planks! are very similar to push-ups. Maybe you think they are very simple type of exercise and you often skip them, but with their help you will eliminate the fat around your stomach and strengthen the inner and outer muscles of your back as well as the buttock muscles, hands and legs.

In this 28-day planking challenge, the time spent on doing planks is gradually increasing. In the beginning you start with only 20 seconds and the final aim is to do planks for 4 minutes.

DAY 1                                                 20 SECONDS
DAY 2                                                20 SECONDS
DAY 3                                                30 SECONDS
DAY 4                                               30 SECONDS
DAY 5                                                40 SECONDS
DAY 6                                               REST
DAY 7                                                45 SECONDS
DAY 8                                               45 SECONDS
DAY 9                                               60 SECONDS
DAY 10                                              60 SECONDS
DAY 11                                               60 SECONDS
DAY 12                                              90 SECONDS
DAY 13                                              REST
DAY 14                                              90 SECONDS
DAY 15                                              90 SECONDS
DAY 16                                              120 SECONDS
DAY 17                                              120 SECONDS
DAY 18                                              150 SECONDS
DAY 19                                             REST
DAY 20                                             150 SECONDS
DAY 21                                              150 SECONDS
DAY 22                                              180 SECONDS
DAY 23                                             180 SECONDS
DAY 24                                             210 SECONDS
DAY 25                                             REST
DAY 26                                             210 SECONDS
DAY 27                                              240 SECONDS
DAY 28                                             keep up as much as you can

What’s crucial for doing these exercises is the right position of your body.
The upper part of your body should be in a straight line when you raise your elbows and toes. While doing the planks, breathe deeply. With pushing up the muscles from the buttocks, split your weight on the legs and elbows so that you can also strengthen the balance. When you achieve the right position the only thing that’s left is for you to be persistent and determined to succeed in this challenge.

Even though you may think they are easy to do, planks are very difficult exercises. However, if you think that this challenge is too much, or you want to focus on losing weight on other parts of your body, there are various more exercises and ways to do that. Whatever you decide to do, the technique should always be the same: gradual increase of exercises over a certain period.

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