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It’s easy to get fascinated by people with special skills who really stand out from the crowd when they show what they can do. These days those people can reach millions of people on the internet, which is a great thing indeed.

In the clip below, eight girls line up on the street and perform a brilliant tribute to the world famous singer Ed Sheeran. The artist had previously announced that he was looking for Irish dancers for the video to his song “Galway Girl”, and this was their attempt to reach out to him.

And once then start tapping, it just blows the viewer away – something which more than 5.5 million people can attest to.

They call themselves “Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girls”, and I can’t stop smiling when I watch this. It’s just so cool – and what makes it even better is that the clip went viral and caught the famous singer’s attention, and these amazing dancers later got to take part in the official music video for the song!

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