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Your Soul Group is like your spirit family – all the souls that were cut from the same “energetic cloth” as you.

People from the same soul group have the same purpose in life, the same mission which is a part of the bigger picture. You all vibrate within the same frequency and you’re in harmony with that vibration.

You cannot change your soul group because you were born in it and you need to accept the one you belong to because it will help you achieve great things in life.

Your soul group could be vast and some people don’t even get to know all of its members. Whatever the case, you should know that all of the members of your soul group work to achieve your joint goal and purpose in life while giving in a special unique accent individually.

Whenever you meet a member of your soul group you should know that there’s a lot to benefit from the experience. All of the members you meet can help you change your world and expand your mind. They also come into your life to remind you of your purpose and the journey you should take in life.

Some people are blessed to meet the members of their soul group and feel an instant chemistry and a sense of familiarity. That’s when you’ve met your Soulmate.  In life you can meet different levels or types of Soulmates which are all equally important for your life journey. Some can be presented in the form of family members, romantic partners, teachers, enemies and even chance encounters. But they all have a crucial mission in your life.

You can meet an infinite number of people from your soul group or you can meet just a few, there is no written rule, but you should also know how to recognize if a person belongs to your soul group.

Here Are 10 Signs You Have Found Someone From Your Soul Group

           1.      When you meet someone who’s had a similar life like yours. They can help you                          understand and overcome the similar setbacks in life.

           2.     When you meet someone who just highlights your best personality traits and                              helps you to grow as a person.

           3.      When you meet someone who helps you make the best of your weaknesses and                        turn them into strengths.

           4.     When you meet someone who helps you get your energy in balance and see a                           whole new side of life.

           5.     When you meet someone that simply helps you find patience, understanding                             and compassion.

           6.     When you meet someone that helps you heal or let go of certain events or                                   emotions.

           7.      When you meet the perfect partner that inspires your creativity, helps you                                    brainstorm ideas and bring them to life.

           8.     When you meet a person that helps you get on the right track in life in the                                    precise moment when you need it the most.

           9.     When you meet a person that helps you look deep into your soul and advance                            on your soul journey.

          10. When you meet a person that shares the same global causes that fit into the                               bigger picture.


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