Dad Fails To Dress His Daughter Properly For Day Care While Mom Is Out

Dads — you gotta love ‘em!

Most of the time, fathers are their kids’ biggest fans and they know exactly what to do to be the best parent they can be. They’re always there to make their kids laugh, comfort them when they are sick, or save the day if they need a boost of confidence.

But sometimes, though they would never admit it, dads can be a little clueless with their children, especially when it comes to dressing them.

One mother from Indiana learned this the hilariously hard way when she tasked her husband to dress and drop off their baby daughter at day care.

Though Dad may have dropped her off with no problems to report, Mom noticed something rather peculiar about her outfit when she picked her up that day.

She took to the internet to share her husband’s adorable failure to dress his daughter properly, and the moms of the internet united to commiserate.

Scroll through below to see this dad’s best-intentioned baby blunder!

Courtesy of Brooke Hawley-Basso

Brooke Hawley-Basso, Indiana mother of two, needed to head to a job interview one morning and was unable to get her 7-month-old daughter, Olivia, ready for day care.

Courtesy of Brooke Hawley-Basso

So, she asked her husband Jeremy to take care of the baby, dress her, and drop her off — a simple enough task, she thought.

Courtesy of Brooke Hawley-Basso

Jeremy succeeded in getting her to day care on time with nary problem to report.

But when Brooke came to pick her up, she noticed something rather odd about Olivia’s outfit.

Facebook/ Brooke Hawley-Basso

When she questioned Jeremy about Olivia’s shirtless ensemble, he turned out to be pretty clueless about his apparent faux pas.

“Did you send Olivia to daycare without a shirt on?” she questioned.

“I sent her with that thing on,” he responded.

“Supposed to wear a shirt under overalls,” Brooke explained.

“Uhm, i gotta plead ignorance here…” is all poor Jeremy could answer.

Facebook/ Ellen DeGeneres

Brooke thought that the whole situation was completely comical and definitely worth sharing with other moms online.

She posted the funny photo, along with the couple’s conversation on Ellen DeGeneres’s Facebook page.

Facebook/ Ellen DeGeneres

Not only did the post go completely viral, but other moms and day care workers chimed in to share their own stories of dads dressing their kids in ridiculous outfits:

“I worked in daycare for five years and one day I had a dad drop a little girl off in what I presumed was a dress but on the very short side. She has a younger sister so I thought maybe he accidentally put her in one of her sisters dresses. Her mom came to get her that evening and was mortified that her husband had sent their daughter in just her shirt. She insisted she had laid tights out with the shirt. Apparently while Dad was getting the youngest dressed the little girl put the tights up because she didn’t like that pair and her dad never noticed.”

“I went out for a girls night when our daughter was a baby and my husband put ‘Build a Bear’ clothes on the baby. I could see the hole where the tail of the stuffed animal was supposed to go.”

“All the men on Facebook like to post and pretend they knew what was wrong with the picture before reading the texts…”

Courtesy of Brooke Hawley-Basso

Though Jeremy could have used a few lessons on how to dress baby Olivia, the sweet story shows that dads always try to do what’s best for their kids, even if they don’t always succeed!

If your husband has ever funnily failed at dressing your child, let us know about it in the comments. And make sure to SHARE this story with friends and family on Facebook!

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